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The latest news and updates on our AI horse racing tips.

Predictions Update

We are pleased to share that our AI racing tips are now being generated for Wolverhampton and Fakenham.

Tips for Hereford and Uttoxeter have been improved and we have added Chelthenham and Perth.

Monthly Grouping in Results Table

Our latest enhancement introduces a update to the results tables – the ability to group data by month. On the table of results tick Month Results Grouping by Month

Groupings can be combined in the order they are selected. For instance tick Month then Venue for a breakdown by Month sub-divided by Venue Results Grouping by Month then Venue

Current Racing Predictions

We are currently predicting racing results for the following 11 courses:

  • Aintree
  • Ascot
  • Haydock
  • Hereford
  • Market Rasen
  • Newton Abbot
  • Sedgefield
  • Taunton
  • Uttoxeter
  • Warwick
  • Wincanton
  • How our Horse Racing Predictions are Made

    Since early 2001 we have been using the 3rd version of our AI horse racing system. We now use the excellent open source machine learning toolset from H2O.

    The first version of our free AI horse racing predictions used a bespoke artificial neural network written in Java. Although converging well the solution was extremely slow, taking days to train on a single course dataset. We then upgraded to use FANN - Fast Artificial Neural Network written in C (a proper programming language).

    Domain knowledge is vital for any AI system, although passionate followers of horse racing we required expert insights from within the industry to point us in the right direction for which factors affect the results. Using FANN we were then able to test multiple different combinations of these variables which we now use with H2O.

    The goal is to automate the process of generating and publishing the tips on the website. The backbone of the system is written in Perl (yes, I'm old school). Training the model and creating the dataset is still a highly manually and time consuming effort, hence the long periods when the website has not been updated.

    We now feel we are generating our best predictions, but whilst AI can identify patterns and provide valuable insight into Horse Racing it is important to note that these tips cannot be 100% accurate. Therefore, our horse racing predictions should only be used in conjunction with other forms of analysis, other sources of tips and expert opinion.

    Improved Results Page

    After one of our strongest performing months in January, with 60 points profit at Betfair, February was a disappointment with one of our worst ever monthly strike rates of 9.8% (9 out of the 41 tips came in 2nd). We are, however, pleased to see that we are currently back on form for March with a strike rate of 37.5%.

    Some of our followers have already noticed the improvements we have made to the Results page. The results should now easier to view on mobile devices and load up more quickly. We have also added the rating our system produced for each tip.

    You can contact us via Twitter or Facebook with comments, suggestions etc

    Login no longer required

    All tips are now displayed without having to login. This is due to a problem with our web hosting company.

    Please accept our apologies if you were attempting to login but unable to access the tips.

    Update to Prediction Models

    We have updated our live prediction models with our best performing tips in 2017.

    We will now publish our free horse racing tips for Wincanton, Ayr, Hexham, Doncaster, Leopardstown, Kempton Park, Sedgefield, Market Rasen, Southwell and Chepstow.

    May's Tips in Profit - 35% 1st Place

    Our free tips delivered a profit in May - 13.15 points from 29 tips 34.5% strike rate!

    Our AI Predictor System Fully Restored

    We had been unable to post tips for most of March - the Gremlins have now been chased away and our unique Artificial Intelligence horse racing system is restored. Please accept our apologies for the downtime. We have taken the opportunity to improve our infrastructure to deliver our free tips more reliably and with ever improving accuracy.

    First Update for 2017

    Our tips for Leicester have been coming close but not picking winners, hence from today we will be making predictions for Newcastle instead (35% strike rate from 52 tips).

    Tips Update

    We have removed the tips for Brighton, added tips for Southwell and updated the model for tips at Newbury. Very excited to see how our new tips play out.

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    The goal for sports punters is to earn a profit whilst enjoying our favourite sport. The sad truth is that for the majority of gamblers this is an elusive dream, however by carefully following a stratagem anyone can make this it a reality. There are two factors to consider to profit from sports gambling...

    Kempton Park Jumps

    We are dropping our predictions for hurdle races at Kempton Park due to poor results. In contrast our tips for flat races at Kempton Park are still going strong (in profit over last 50 tips) so we will them running.

    Tips for Lingfield Park

    We are introducing a new model for Lingfield Park. The results for the old model have dropped off - 18% strike rate from 151 races. The new model has an impressive strike rate 26% but we only have results for 46 races so far.

    New Site Design

    Just in time for late January we have launched our new updated site. The new site is designed for improved usability on mobile devices. Take a look at our new improved About Us page explaining how the system works.